Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The Korenovsk District is located in the central part of the Krasnodar Region, 60 km to the north-east of Krasnodar. This is the geographical center of the Krasnodar region; therefore, the Korenovsk District bears an official title of the "Kuban Center". The district enters the plain part of the Azov-Kuban Lowland.

The Municipal Formation Korenovsk District consists of 1 urban municipal settlement and 9 rural ones. It shares its borders with the Bryukhovetskaya District on the north, with the Vyselki District on the east, the Timashevsk District on the west, and with the Dinskaya and Ust-Labinsk Districts on the south. The area of ​​the district is 1,426 km2, and its population is 86,480 people. Korenovsk is an administrative center of the district.

Goloborodko Sergey Anatolyevich is a Head of the MF Korenovsk District.

The district has a developed transportation: the North Caucasian Railway crosses the territory of the Korenovsk District in the south-eastern part. The railway station has unloading sites with a crane and equipment. The roadway network is represented by the federal M4 Highway "Moscow – Rostov-on-Don – Novorossiysk" and federal roads "Korenovsk – Ust-Labinsk" and "Korenovsk – Timashevsk".

The climate is moderate continental with an average air temperature of +10.2 degrees. The average annual amount of precipitation is 510-620 mm per year.

The soil and climatic zone is generally favorable for the cultivation of crops.

Black soils are a main part of the territory (90%) of the soil cover. The soil depth (black soil) is 1.5 to 2 meters.

The lands of the Korenovsk District have an increased bioclimatic potential according to a scale of assessing the biological productivity, and the district is ideal for intensive development of crop and livestock production.

The district is mostly agrarian. The snow cover is unstable and appears in the first decade of December, the height of the snow cover is 15-20 cm, possibly reaching 30-35 cm in certain years. The vegetation period (during the days with a temperature above 10 degrees, which are favorable for the growth of cultivated plants) is 190 days. According to the amount of precipitation, the territory of the district refers to an insufficiently saturated zone.

Calm rivers, such as the Kirpili, Levyi Beysuzhek, Malyovana, Zhuravka and Biesug Rivers flow along the territory of the district from the south to the north. The fresh underground waters of the Azov-Kuban Artesian Basin of the Kuban-Priazovskaya Lowland are the district great wealth.

The territory of ​​the district is exposed to winds from all directions, among which the western, south-western and north-western ones are prevailing. The same winds are dry in springs and summers.

Agroclimatic conditions of the territory of the district are favorable for growing agricultural crops in the district. Climatic conditions do not cause construction restrictions and do not prevent the economic development of the district. The terrain of the district is uniform, and it is represented by a plain, which tilts to the north-west and a weakly dissected beam network and river valleys. The flat character of the relief of the district has a favorable effect on the development of agriculture, in particular plant growing.

The vast plain territories of the district determine the prospects for the development of the Korenovsk District as a district with a high level of production and processing of agricultural products. The relief is favorable for industrial and civil construction. The district is rich in clays and loams, which are suitable for the production of bricks.

The agricultural complex and the processing industry are leading sectors of the district economic potential.

The district is consistently among the five best on the yield of grain crops in the Krasnodar Region. The cereal crops are the main part (56%) in the structure of land under cultivation. Most of the lands are cultivated by farms that produce wheat, corn, sunflower and sugar beet on an industrial scale.

111.9 thousand hectares of agricultural land including 110.5 thousand hectares of crop lands are among the administrative boundaries of the MF Korenovsk District.

40 enterprises, 235 peasant farms and individual entrepreneurs, 16,782 personal subsidiary farms, and 1 agricultural credit cooperative carry out their agricultural activities. The area of ​​crop lands cultivated by agricultural enterprises is 64.9 thousand hectares that is 58.7% of the total arable lands in the district.

There are 17,225 heads of cattle in all categories of farms in the district, among which 11,779 heads of cattle growing by large and medium-sized enterprises.

There are 556 heads of cattle in the peasant farms, including 202 cows, and 4,890 heads of cattle in personal subsidiary plots, including 1,993 cows.

The food industry is formed in the main share by 3 large industrial enterprises: Korenovsk Milk Canning Plant CJSC, Korenovsksakhar JSC and Kubanskiy Elevator LLC, and two agricultural enterprises: Korenovskoye Federal State Unitary Enterprise and Bratkovskiy Dairy Feeding Complex OJSC, with the processing workshops of its own products. The status of the food industry and the economy of the district depend on the stable operation of above enterprises.

The construction industry is represented by 3 major district budget revenue generating enterprises of the Municipal Formation: RegionDorStroy LLC, Platnirovskoye CJSC and Korenovskraigaz JSC.

483 trade economic entities and 51 public catering enterprises are carried out retail trade in the territory of the MF. There are 11 fairs in the Korenovsk District.

Large enterprises of agriculture, food industry, construction and 21 economic entities of small business carry out wholesale trade in the territory of the MF. Among them, there are as follows enterprises: Konitek-Yug LLC, Korenovsk Milk Canning Plant CJSC, Kraski Kubani LLC, Korenovskagrokhimiya LLC, Doka Vkusa LLC, Kubantorg LLC, etc. and 11 individual entrepreneurs.

At present date, the Korenovsk District is one of the most investment attractive Municipal Formations of the Krasnodar Region. In recent years, the economy of the Korenovsk District has reached a sustainable pace of development. The district is consistently among the best districts of the Krasnodar Region in terms of filling the consolidated budget.

The Korenovsk District, being located in the central economic zone, is a territory of high transport accessibility, comfortable living environment with developed agricultural complex and with multi-stage processing of agricultural products. Therefore, attracting investors to create new production facilities in the district and attractive comfortable conditions for the permanent residence of people and providing them with a high level of welfare is key priority of the Administration of the MF Korenovsk District.