Welcome to Korenovsk district

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I invite you to get acquainted with one of the fastest growing Municipal Formations in the Krasnodar region! The high economic potential of the Korenovsk district together with a favorable investment climate attract the attention of Russian and international business structures.

The unique geopolitical location, proximity to Krasnodar and sea ports of the Black and Azov seas, as well as railway communication specify a huge investment potential of our region. It spread out in the center of the Krasnodar region, and by its location, it is a geographical center of the Kuban.

The district has the necessary premises, sites, engineering infrastructure and human resources. The mild climate, Kuban black soil fertility, developed social infrastructure allow developing here almost every branch of industry and services sector. Our district is agricultural. But the development of processing industry is equally important. Administration of the Municipal Formation Korenovsk District offers finished investment sites and turnkey projects.

We are ready to consider your business proposals. We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation and look forward to working with you in the future. I am confident that our joint projects will be profitable investment for your company and will significantly improve the quality of life of residents of the Korenovsk district and Kuban!

Respectfully yours,
Sergey Goloborodko
Head of the Municipal Formation Korenovsk District.